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What is Biggar Little Festival and how can I get involved?

Biggar Little Festival is a 10 day Arts Festival which takes place annually in October.
Events include Music, Comedy, Theatre, Art Trail, Craft Fair and Workshop activities with events for all ages and also out annual Biggar Day Out.
BLF is primarily run by a team of voluntary trustees with a part time administrator, social media coordinator and a designer, with many other volunteers helping in planning and throughout the festival. We also have the invaluable support of local business sponsors.
We are always encouraging and welcoming new supporters and volunteers.
For further information about becoming part of the team see Support or email

I am a Performer / Musician. How can I take part in BLF?

BLF organises and books the main comedy and music headliner acts and welcomes approaches from artists or their agents.
The Clydesdale Folk Club organises the popular Folk Music headliner.
All other events are organised by event organisers themselves and coordinated by the BLF team.

How can I become and Event Organiser?

To take part in Biggar Little Festival you need to plan your event, book a venue and register your event with BLF.
The registration forms come with detailed notes and useful information.
Download registration forms here: Event Registration / Application Form or Art Trail Application Form

What are the costs?

BLF charges a basic not refundable registration fee at point of registration.
For BLF ticketed events a small commission percentage is taken towards the festival costs plus an online ticketing fee.
The registration fee covers your listing in the printed program which includes a description of the event, venue location, times, and ticket price.
The program will be also available to view on the website as a flip book.
All events are also publicised on our BLF Social Media platforms.

How does ticketing work?

BLF advises event holders to use the established BLF ticket service to achieve maximum ticket sales for your event.
Event organisers decide their own ticket prices but BLF is happy to advise.
BLF provides an online ticketing service through our website from late August and also runs an in person box office to sell tickets in the Gillespie Centre from mid October through to the festival.
The published ticket price includes a box office fee of £1.20 including VAT, so if you choose a ticket price of £15, the final published and online ticket price will be £16.20
Event organisers may also choose to offer a concession ticket price e.g. under 18’s and/or seniors.
BLF will give you updates on ticket sales by request and supply a list of sold tickets on the day of your event. Event organisers are responsible for their own front of house and may sell further tickets on the door. Please arrange your own payment options e.g. cash only or card reader.
The Biggar Corn Exchange has its own ticketing service.

How do I find a Venue?

Biggar has a choice of excellent venues which host festival events.
There is a contacts list included in the registration form notes.
It is useful to consider the potential size of your audience and the venue capacity, together with any essential facilities you may need.
Whilst most venues are in the town centre, BLF has regularly included events in venues from Crawfordjohn to Carstairs and encourages bringing the festival to audiences in the surrounding area.

How can I become a BLF Venue?

If you wish to become a host venue for BLF events please send us your venue name, address, and some information together with a contact name, number and email to

I am an Artist. How do I become part of the Art Trail?

The Biggar Little Festival Art Trail includes individual artists or groups showing in their own studios, group venues or exhibitions in Biggar and across the surrounding area.
The Art Trail traditionally takes place on the second weekend of the festival but artists may open on additional days during the festival if they wish to.
Artists have the option of an extended listings where 2 or more artists are sharing a venue and artists listings include contact / Social Media listings.
Download the Art Trail registration form and explanatory notes here: Art Trail Application Form

How can I take part in the Craft Fair?

The Craft Fair takes place in the Municipal Hall on the first Sunday of the Festival during Biggar Day Out. The Craft Fair is popular and places are limited, so in the event of over subscription a selection process will apply.
To apply for a place in the Craft Fair, download a registration form here. (link to craft Fair registration pdf)

Will I get a venue sign?

If you are featured in the Program your venue will be allocated a venue sign.
We endeavour to bring the signs to local venues, but event organisers especially from further afield should try to make arrangements to pick up signs from Biggar if possible.
Signs must be returned after the festival. We will need to charge a small fee for any missing signs.

How do I receive payment after the festival?

Payments to event organisers are made as soon as possible after the end of the festival when all events have completed and ticket revenue has been received. Payments will be made by our Treasurer to the bank account detailed on the registration form.

Can I register events outside the Festival dates?

Events registered should be within this timeframe. Additional events outside this timeframe may be considered under exceptional circumstances and will be assessed on a case to case basis.

How can I avoid clashes with another similar Event?

Before you book your event feel free to get in contact with us and let us know what you are planning. We will be able to let you know if other Event Organisers have already planned an Event on the day you chose. If we do receive registrations for similar events at the same time, we will endeavour to notify both event organisers to see if they wish to reschedule.
We also recommend that you consider different times or days for your event such as week nights, or possibly lunchtime or late afternoon events, thus enabling people to attend more events in one day.

Do I need anything else to take part?

BLF strongly recommends that you have insurance cover for your own equipment.
Public Liability Insurance is essential for all events. It is your responsibility to check with your venue or if you are an artist using your home/business premises then with your own insurer and buy additional cover if required.
BLF cannot be held responsible for any equipment, art work or personal loss, damage or injury as a result of a BLF performance, exhibition or event.

Public Entertainment Licences

Individuals and groups organising and running their own events as part of the Festival are responsible for obtaining a public entertainment licence where appropriate. You are advised to check with the venue which you are using whether or not such a licence will be required. Please make sure you or the venue also hold a Music Licence if this is required.