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Flush with Success 2-3 Days

Flush with Success

The continuing story of John, Paul, George and Shug. Shug has got John, Paul and George working for his solar heating company as sales reps. However their sales skills are almost as bad as their shipbuilding skills and Shug’s new company is failing badly. An American multi national is taking over the company and have sent their Sales Director from the states to train up the sales staff to see if there is a future for them. The American multi national has already started the downsizing process by making some of the existing staff redundant, namely Glen, Gary and Ross. Can John, Paul, George and Shug learn to Always Be Closing or will they Always Be Clowning By John Hughes ..

Date: Tuesday 22 October

Jojo Sutherland 2-3 Days

Jojo Sutherland

This charismatic comic performs in comedy clubs worldwide where she is in as much demand for her compere abilities as she is for her comedy routine. Her natural stage presence alongside her "healthy neglect" attitude to life proves extremely popular amongst many and varied audiences including the armed forces where she remains as one of the few women to go to military bases to entertain the troops. She is regularly requested to support other comics on tour the likes of which have included Jenny Éclair, US Comic Louis Ramey, 4 poofs and a piano and Tom Stade. She is also a popular TV Warm up artist for studio based shows which have included the BBC1 sitcom The Old Guys and Badults on BBC Three. ..

Date: Friday 18 October

Fact or Fib? That is the Question! 2-3 Days

Fact or Fib? That is the Question!

A comedy panel show where contestants have to bluff about their deepest secrets. The opposing team has to find out which ones are true! Based on the hilarious BBC TV programme "Would I Lie to You?" ..

Date: Friday 4 October

Joyce and Victoria 2-3 Days

Joyce and Victoria

Alison & Anna present… Joyce & Victoria Alison Bishop and Anna Ludwig bring you an evening featuring the words and music of Joyce Grenfell and Victoria Wood. Expect to feel stately as a galleon and able to handle half the tenors in a male voice choir with these two local ladies! ..

Date: Friday 11 October

Tram Direct Presents "Paddy's" by Paul Moore 2-3 Days

Tram Direct Presents "Paddy's" by Paul Moore

New music for an old market. ”Hawfaperrashoos” “Haw hen you hen in your nice tweed coat ! Come and see what I’ve got” Following last years sell out production “ A Dose of Blushes”. Tram Direct returns with the iconic “Paddy’s Flea Market” brought back to life in true “ Parliamo Glesga “ style. Controversially shut down by Glasgow City Council in 2009 it was the end of an era for generations of Glaswegians. Full of real patter and Glesga characters. It is a hilariously poignant, nostalgic trip down memory lane. “A show that does Glasgow proud” “A heart warming and heart -breaking drama” Written by Paul Moore Directed by Isobel Barrrett Original music by Michael McEneny ..

Date: Saturday 19 October