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2-3 Days Themeless and Seamless - The Dukes of Uke

Themeless and Seamless - The Dukes of Uke

  • Product Code: ellie2023-31
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

Biggar Corn Exchange

date : Wed 25th October, Sat 4th November

time : 7.30pm (10pm)

The Dukes of Uke return with a new show, which is unburdened by a theme, so anything goes. They will simply be playing songs they enjoy and love to perform.

It is also ‘seamless’ which, according to the thesaurus, means logical, smooth, coherent, consistent, ordered, flawless, harmonious, ideal, uninterrupted. These are all adjectives which have never before been used to describe a Dukes of Uke show! One thing’s for sure, the Dukes of Uke will not be singing any ‘themeless songs’ in ‘seamless thongs’ Or will they......?

Suitable for all ages.

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artist : The Dukes of Uke

organiser : Biggar Little Festival

  • tickets: £15
  • Ex Tax: £15.00