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Workshops - Music

Workshops - Music
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Different Strings, Tom Anderson and Al Nicholas from Beach Crows 2-3 Days

Different Strings, Tom Anderson and Al Nicholas from Beach Crows

Workshop for guitarists to explore alternative tunings. From DADGAD to the eclectic tunings of John Martyn, this will show how voicings can colour songs and give pointers to hours of creative exploration.Led by Tom Anderson and Al Nicholas from Beach Crows. ..

Date: Saturday 19th October

Clydesdale Jam House with Rob Hall at the Tolbooth 2-3 Days

Clydesdale Jam House with Rob Hall at the Tolbooth

Jam House is an exciting new music project for young and adult musicians in the Clydesdale area led by prominent saxophonist and composer Rob Hall.Grow your confidence in jamming by ear, playing from lead sheets, and learning how to improvise through Blues, Jazz, Rock, Funk and other contemporary styles. Rob has more wwthan 30 years of specialist teaching at leading institutes including RCS & Berklee College of Music.All chromatic instruments welcome including singers.Just bring your instrument/mic/amp. A drum kit and keyboard will be provided.To apply contact or use QR code.Suitable for kids 11+ and adults ..

Date: Friday 25th October

Andy Crowdy Bass Masterclass 2-3 Days

Andy Crowdy Bass Masterclass

Learn from the master of feel and melodic bass playing. Andy is one of the UK’s top jazz bass players. He has been touring with Joe Brown over 2019/20 and continues to work with Moscow Drug Club.He plays for John Etheridge’s Sweet Chorus and Christian Garrick as well as leading Gypsy Jazz guitarists such as Angelo DeBarre, Fapy Lafertin and Gary Potter. He has toured Europe, Australia and the USA with Lillian Boutte performing at festivals and jazz clubs. ..

Date: Saturday 26th October

Gary Potter Guitar Masterclass 2-3 Days

Gary Potter Guitar Masterclass

As well as being a world class player, Gary is also an accomplished teacher of music, taking in workshops and the role of jazz tutor at Dartington International Summer School in Devon, UK, aimed at both top-class jazz and classical students.He has inspired generations of musicians including some of the greats: come and learn from him or simply wonder at his versatility.“He’s Brilliant!” George Harrison, “Gary is one heck of a guitar player.” ..

Date: Saturday 26th October

Soul Song Singing Workshop with Marcela Lista 2-3 Days

Soul Song Singing Workshop with Marcela Lista

We will sing simple songs, rounds and harmonies. Complete beginners and experienced singers welcome. No sheet music - we will be learning by ear. Songs about nature, peace, love, and harmony to nourish the soul and some others just for fun.The session/songs will depend on the group.Suitable for 12+ ..

Date: Sunday 27th October

Play and Sing Workshop, The Dukes of Uke 2-3 Days

Play and Sing Workshop, The Dukes of Uke

This is a session for people who have been through the beginner stage with an emphasis on playing rather than on teaching. Mostly simple chords, some new challenges, but with useful pointers on trickier aspects. Bring a music stand plus the Dukes’ Songs Books 7, 8, 9 and 10 if you have them (copies will be available if you don’t).The Dukes’ Musical Director Ian Murray will be joined by wonderful local bass player Alex Marfinescu and members of the Dukes of Uke. ..

Date: Saturday 16th November