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Woodcrafts by Caroline

I enjoy crafting from wood using the natural grain of the timber to inspire my work. My products range from rocking horses to pill boxes to wooden intarsia pictures.

Available to buy at:

Price Range: From £12 to £1200

Delivery Method: Collection of items can be from the Biggar "pick up point" or locally by arrangement.

Items shown here:

Rocking horse - Black beauty made from plywood and locally sourced hornbeam for the stand. Real horse hair and leather for the fittings. Dimensions 105cm high, 45cm wide and 132cm long. Ideal for children up to approx 8 years old £1200

Stags head - made from plywood the stag head makes quite a statement in any room with its rough antlers and smooth face.Dimensions 80cm wide 87cm tall £210

Dolls house - Made from reclaimed pine the dolls house is designed to inspire the child's imagination by not having specific rooms they can explore and design themselves. Dimensions 60cm tall 68cm long 34cm deep £90

Footstool - Legs from ash and covered with pale blue tartan Dimensions 72cm long 31cm wide 21cm high £70

Ash mirror - This discreet mirror uses the natural hollow in the ash branch. Dimensions of frame 25.5cm high x 23cm wide £25

Teardrop boxes - Each box is lined with felt. They are made from elm, ash, mahogany and cherry. Dimensions approx 7.5cm long 5cm wide depth ranging from 3 - 4.5cm (Select the wood you like and I can send more detailed images of the specific one) £12 each

Eagle and puppy in basket intarsia pictures made from a selection of timbers £60 each Eagle 17.5cm diameter, sycamore, oak, lignum, cherry, pine Puppy in basket 20cm high x 21cm wide pine, sycamore, lignum, mahogany

Raccoon and Pelican intarsia pictures made from a selection of timbers £40 each Raccoon 23.5cm x 23cm set in ask hollow log, beech, mahogany, lignum, oak, ebony Pelican 26cm x 15.5cm sycamore, oak

Deer plywood pictures Light coloured one is 24.5cm x 22.5cm, dark one is 25cm x 21cm £25 each

Fish - Elm fish with ash fins and blue resin insert Dimentions 88cm 34cm £60