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2-3 Days Tram Direct Presents "Paddy's" by Paul Moore

Tram Direct Presents "Paddy's" by Paul Moore

  • Product Code: follow-through
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

Biggar Corn Exchange

date : Saturday 19 October

time : 7.30pm to 9.30pm

New music for an old market. ”Hawfaperrashoos” “Haw hen you hen in your nice tweed coat ! Come and see what I’ve got” Following last years sell out production “ A Dose of Blushes”. Tram Direct returns with the iconic “Paddy’s Flea Market” brought back to life in true “ Parliamo Glesga “ style. Controversially shut down by Glasgow City Council in 2009 it was the end of an era for generations of Glaswegians. Full of real patter and Glesga characters. It is a hilariously poignant, nostalgic trip down memory lane.

“A show that does Glasgow proud”

“A heart warming and heart -breaking drama”

Written by Paul Moore

Directed by Isobel Barrrett

Original music by Michael McEneny

(suitable for 12+ years)

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artist : TRAM Direct Theatre Company

organiser : TRAM Direct

  • tickets: £15.00 Adult £13.00 Concession
  • Ex Tax: £15.00