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2-3 Days Time’s Plague

Time’s Plague

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  • Availability: 2-3 Days

Biggar Corn Exchange

date : Tuesday 18th October 2022

time : 7:30pm

 Bob Cunningham (David Hayman) is in a hospital bed on the hospital’s top floor. It is the long dark, stormy night of the soul – in an understaffed ward, a single room. He’s broken... but so is the world around him, but why is he so afraid of what the morning will bring? Bob reflects on his own life, and on the NHS, Covid, the rise of the right, Independence, Afghanistan, climate change... everything he has believed and worked for all his life lies in tatters. As he lies there, motionless. It’s the culmination of a dramatic trilogy. The Pitiless Storm (2014), the political; The Cause of Thunder (2017), the personal; Time’s Plague, a matter of life and death.... Bob’s deepest, spiritual journey.Can septuagenarians still change their minds? Can the sick be healed and ready to battle on? Rage, rage, rage till you drop....

Written by Chris Dolan - directed by David Hayman Jr

Suitable for age 14+

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artist : David Hayman

website : N/A

organiser : Biggar Little Festival

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