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How to Host an Event at BLF

Would you like to host an event at BLF?

Biggar Little Festival is a charitable organisation run by an enthusiastic group of volunteers whose aim is to promote the arts, showcase local and international talent and support local businesses.Each year the festival committee organise and facilitate a ten day festival, held in October, which features in excess of sixty events. A small number of the headline events are organised by the festival committee, with the remainder of the events being brought by local community groups, arts and theatre groups and businesses.

Planning your event

There are several steps involved in bringing an event to the Festival. The BLF committee is here to help. We recommend you take time to read through the process and look at past programmes which can be found on our previous festivals page.  Once you have decided on the type of event, the next step is finding a suitable venue. The Biggar Little Festival Guide to Choosing a Venue contains details of local venues available for hire together with capacity (where known) and contact details. As organiser, you are responsible for booking the venue and meeting all costs relating to the booking.

Registering your event

In order to ensure the sustainability of the Festival there is a small fee payable which contributes towards the costs of the printed programme, marketing and website. The fee payable will be either  ;-

* A listing fee of £20 per event where admission to the event is free, or where tickets have to be produced and sold only by the event organiser. The fee is capped at £50 regardless of the number of events registered. The fee is payable on submission of the registration form either by cheque or electronic transfer.

* 5% of ticket sales (where the tickets are produced and sold by the Festival). This will be deducted from the total amount of ticket revenue due to the event organiser, and a breakdown will be sent to each event holder at the end of the festival. The registration form can be downloaded here or a form obtained from contacting The registration form contains all the details the festival committee requires to register your event, together with guidance notes on completing the form. If you have any queries regarding the registration process, please contact

Tickets / prices

The ticket price for your event is decided by you as the organiser. You may wish to consider the pricing of past similar events together with venue capacity in reaching your decision. Tickets are printed by BLF at no charge to the event organiser. Tickets are sold via our website and from our dedicated Box Office which opens approximately two weeks before the start of the Festival. This Year, based on customer feedback, the £1 booking fee charged on tickets purchased online and at the BLF Box Office is to be included in the published ticket price. If you have chosen for BLF to sell tickets for your event, you will notice an additional £1 will be added to the price quoted on your registration form. BLF will make it clear in the programme and in publicity that the ticket price has incorporated the booking fee and no further fees will be added to this sum. BLF Committee would encourage individuals and groups organising events to have tickets available for sale (or bookable) by the beginning of September particularly for events which may be of interest to people travelling from outwith the town. The net proceeds from on line and Box Office ticket sales are remitted to the event organiser within 7 days of the end of the festival.

Promoting your event

BLF publishes two main pieces of printed material, the Festival Highlights flier which has a print run of 7000 and the full printed programme which has a print run of 5000. The Festival Highlights flier is printed in May and its purpose is to make the public aware of the dates of the forthcoming festival and generate interest. The flier is used to publicise the festival out with the local area using a professional distribution company. The full printed programme is available from late August and contains detailed information about all the events. The programme is distributed locally by volunteers and businesses.  Your event will also appear on the Biggar Little Festival website and may feature in general press releases and social media advertising. Event Organisers are encouraged to provide publicity material, such as posters and fliers, to the Box Office to promote their event. All publicity material should contain the BLF logo.

Remember the BLF team is here to help, we hope you will consider hosting an event at the festival and we look forward to working alongside you to bring more fabulous events to Biggar Little Festival!