Where to stay

3 star Inn
The Elphinstone Hotel, 145 High Street, Biggar, ML12 6DL
Tel 01899 220044, email info@elphinstonehotel.co.uk
Web www.elphinstonehotel.co.uk

3 star Hotel
Cornhill House Hotel, Coulter, Biggar, ML12 6QE
Tel 01899 220001, email enquiries@cornhillhousehotel.com
Web www.cornhillhousehotel.co.uk

3 star Hotel
Abington Hotel, Abington, ML12 6SD
Tel 01864 502467, email info@ab-hotel.com
Web www.ab-hotel.com

4 star Hotel
Shieldhill Castle Hotel, Shieldhill Road, Quothquan, Biggar ML12 6NA
Tel 01899 220035, email enquiries@shieldhillcastlehotel.co.uk
Web www.shieldhillcastlehotel.co.uk

Tinto House Hotel
Nestled in five acres of stunning gardens within the breathtaking countryside of the Scottish Borders,
this traditional country house hotel is the perfect setting for a short break.
Tel 01899 308 454
e-mail: sales@tintohouse.com

Bed and Breakfast

4 star Bed and Breakfast
Cuil Darach, 7 Langvout Gate, Biggar, ML12 6UF
Tel 01899 221259, email info@4starbandb.co.uk
Web www.4starbandb.co.uk

4 star Bed and Breakfast
Cormiston Farm, Cormiston Road, Biggar, ML12 6NS
Tel 01899 221507, email info@cormistonfarm.com
Web www.cormistonfarm.com

4 star Bed and Breakfast
Braefield, Cormiston Road, Biggar, ML12 6NS
Tel 01899 221313, e-mail bandb@braefield.me.uk
Web www.braefield.me.uk

School Green Cottage B&B, 1 Kirkstyle, Biggar, ML12 6DT
Tel 01899 220388, email isobel.burness@virgin.net


4 star self catering
The Rowans, Carmichael, Biggar ML12 6PG
web: www.the-rowans.com E-mail george@falconryshopscotland.com

4 star self-catering
Wolfclyde Steading Holiday Cottage, Wolfclyde Farm, Biggar, ML12 6JT
Tel 01899 220196, email info@wolfclydeholidaycottage.co.uk
Web www.wolfclydeholidaycottage.co.uk

4 star self-catering
Cadger's Brig cottage, Biggar
Web www.cottages4you.co.uk

4 star self catering
Ferniehaugh Cottage, North Back Road, Biggar
Phone 01899 810273
E-mail ferniehaughcottage@gmail.com

2-4 stars self-catering
Carmichael Country Cottages, Carmichael, Near Biggar, ML12 6PG
Tel 01899 308336
Web www.carmichael.co.uk

3 star self-catering
The New Farmhouse, Skirling Mill, Biggar, ML12 6HB
Tel 01899 860245, 07918 191127, email joyce@thenewfarmhouse.co.uk
Web www.thenewfarmhouse.co.uk

3 star self-catering
Laburnum House, near Biggar
Web www.cottages4you.co.uk

Biggar Little Festival News

BLF Committee member Alec Taylor dropped by Biggar Co-op this morning to thank Carol for the contribution of £2200 made by local Coop members through the Co-op's Local Community Fund.
This is a remarkable contribution to BLF and we are extremely grateful for it. We urge anyone who isn't a Co-op member already to join up and help local causes through this great initiative.
Biggar Little Festival News

During the 2015 Festival the Committee commissioned an appraisal from the independent consultancy company EKOS to gauge the success of the festival and lessons to be learned. The resulting report is available here. The Committee is now considering how to take forward the issues raised.
Biggar Little Festival News
AGM 25 MAY 2017

The Annual General Meeting of Biggar Little Festival will take place on Monday 12th June at the Elphinstone Hotel, 136 High Street, Biggar at 7.30pm.  All welcome.